Do you still feel ~ Wonder?

My friend sent me this clip … it is about you and me and the vibe between us that makes ‘we’, it is about the only experience we can ever be completely certain of – what is happening right ‘now’, this very moment.

Sometimes I forget to ‘be’ in the moment, to let my mind and myself settle just like a bird landing in a branch and look around me. Sometimes I forget to listen deeply to myself, to you, to the world around me – and I miss …

How many moments have you missed worrying about the future, being angry about the past. How many have I lost? Moments that I can never retrieve. The good news is all I need to do – is pause, breath, still myself and ‘be’ – here, now and not let go of myself. It is so easy, something every child knows and somehow we forget and get lured away from as we ‘grow’.

I hope you enjoy my friend’s gift. It made me remember.

Don’t put off your inspiration until the conditions are ‘right’, abandon not your dreams – embrace the ‘Nike Principle’ and Do it! Now! What are you waiting for?

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