The GLOP Podcast is here

Come and eavesdrop on the Gorgeous Ladies of Psychology as they wrestle with the demands of the the personal, the professional and the existential. Follow their story, as they and the clients they work with tackle the weighty mighty issues of our time and sit in that uncomfortably comfortable place … the boxing ring for Psychologists, the couch.

In the Ancient Greek tradition of achieving cultural Catharsis through Drama and the now lost Theory of Comedy penned by Aristotle, get yourself a ring side seat and listen in to the salacious secret life of our two intrepid Psychologists as they deep dive in to the underworld of the forbidden, face the destruction of entropy and strive against the odds to mend the broken minds of the mentally ill. And let’s face it – we are all a bit wonky, so welcome aboard.

In the buttoned up, trimmed, waxed, high and tight, approaching perfection corner we have the reigning Champion – Clinical Psychology driving for outcomes and “using science to help people” whilst smugly waving a wad of sparkling evidence base. Clinical Psychology and their efficient technique and research muscle has risen to prominence and dominance within the profession of Psychology in recent times but … is this force for order missing something? Was this something valued more in bygone days? Are we moving closer and not further away from transformation?

In the less tidy, more accepting of the messy mystery of it all, intuitive, pursuing authenticity, approaching unconditional positive regard corner, we have the under dog – Counselling Psychology prioritising the therapeutic relationship, unfolding processes and in a non causal linear pathway, becoming Self Actualised.

The story so far … “parted by fate in their final year at the University of Queensland facing the devastation of a career pathway blighted before it started, unable to continue on in the Department of Psychology due to a non fatal brush with malevolence and a general lack of funding, they left in a cloud of confusion and untapped potential. Gerri headed to that notorious major Australian City with a hookless coat hanger for a bridge, that Opera House and into the sharp teeth and square jaw of Clinical Psychology. Imy headed to Paris and romance speedily followed by heart break and something approximating a breakdown, returned home to land in that other Australian City where they have trams, a day off for the Grand Final and that horse race. And in to the alternative yet compelling grasp of Counselling Psychology.

The part of the Clinical Psychologist will be played by “Gerri” (not saying if this is her real name), who is a Clinical Psych I.R.L. Similarly the part of the Counselling Psychologist will be played by “Imy” (doesn’t go by this name in professional circles) who is also a Counselling Psych MAPS FCCOUNP I.R.L.

The story begins when they meet after … 25+ years for “Peer Supervision”. The cases, concerns and stories are real but details have been de-identified and obscured such a way to protect the privacy and confidentiality of those concerned while preserving the essence, integrity and meaning of the story for the protagonists.

Our podcast seeks to entertain and inspire curiosity, dialogue, bravery in the face of horror, poise when confronting injustice and mindfulness in the presence of transformation. We want to explore the complex issues that face professional Psychologists by giving focus to the personal. We seek to melt the ice of secret keeping and uncover what lies beneath. We invite you to linger in this spirit, listen in sneakily to that which hitherto has never be spoken aloud and hope you enjoy.

Look out for new episodes every fortnight on a Friday.

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