“I am free to go. Yet I remain” ~ Henri, Le Chat Noir

So it is Winter. Time of deep reflection, ready-ing ourselves for what lies ahead. And friends, yes – I have descended to the UnderWorld on YouTube to seek solace from the torment of inherent meaningless-ness in life (and Winter) while we wait, pregnant (Pas Moi! Idiots!) with possibilities.

I am in love! Ah yes, I have found myself a new A-Muse, Clangers has been chucked temporarily to the side to make room for Henri. Henri has rescued me from the tedium of straining chicken stock – what are we calling it now “bone broth”. He has liberated me from my secret stashing of chocolate to be enjoyed later out of the totalitarian gaze of judgmental eyes! (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) How can you accept me when you cannot accept yourself?

No matter. Henri is here. He speaks with the Self Knowledge of one who has known suffering and has achieved what even the great have not – he has accepted. Even what remains of his resistance, transformed though he is -leaves only inspiration and awe in his wake.

No more words.

Henri ~ The Cat

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