The Last Post ~ the Creggan White Hare

So at last we reach the eight square and it is time to write the “Last Post”. I should really have written this on Anzac Day. Then I should have written it on Easter Sunday or Monday at the latest. But this did not happen.

I started this blog almost 6 years ago. In those ancient days, the people still read but not so these days. The inter-web has changed and evolved, attention spans have reduced while ire has increased. And I too find myself more present on Daysechain’s Facebook Feed than muddling around on these here ancient pages, I mean posts. That is, when I am present …

The time has come, my faithful readers, to move along to greener pastures and reach for stars more far away. Whatever my original goals for this project, they have evolved, changed and transformed so many times, it is hard to recall the original spark of inspiration. What I can say, is my spirit and dreaming has been called on.

If you have happened upon this ‘ere blog, long after my spirit has departed, enjoy what you find here. I hope you do. Maybe you will find something of yourself you once knew, and maybe you will pick it up and carry it home with you.

My parting gift, is a song about a White Hare and her last encounter with Greyhounds bred for one purpose. Here’s Daoiri Farrell playing “The Creggan White Hare” …

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