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Imogen K Salzman

Imogen K Salzman is a Counselling Psychologist and Traditional Herbalist. She is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine, that is the meeting place between Western, Alternative and Complementary approaches to Physical and Psychological Health.

Imogen is also the author of Days eChain, this Blog, which is devoted to the pursuit of the Authentic Life and the creation of Sustainable Well Being for the Individual and the Collective Community. Topics covered here will span the spectrum of human experience and will not be limited to any particular paradigm or perceptual framework. Scientists, Economists, Mystics, Existential Detectives and Vegetarians are all welcome as are all views, comments, feedback, disagreements and recommendations.

For more information on her work or to seek an appointment please go to Upwey Psychology where you can book a Call Backs & Consultations.

Good to meet you …


If you do reach out, and I don’t get back to you – there is a good chance something has gone wrong the the Contact Form. In this case please visit Upwey Psychology, you can reach me there.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Imogen,
    Im an Aquarian and they say we are the best Procrastinator, I just say “I love it” 😉 My biggest concern is I get this burst of Anger when I get Bad news or somebody just say offensive words against myself. But after I cool doown, I feel sorry for what I said.

    Any advise is highly appreciated.

    Merci Beaucoup,

    • Good talk Nino. Honest. Truthful, Authentic – I have something I can offer but it sounds a little like ‘doing nothing’. On reflection – the devil as usual is in the detail, meaning it is ‘how’ you do nothing – so come to the point. Anger is a fabulous friend and will reveal to you not only who you really are but your ‘power’. Anger leads you to your Authentic Self. It sounds to me as though when your ‘Anger’ button gets pushed you immediately give your personal power, your poise, your Authentic self away. You project your power on to the one who ‘makes’ you ‘angry’ and they seem to you to have power over you. My suggestion is ‘be’ with your Anger. Adopt the position of curious observer when anger erupts. Feel it. All of it. Deeply. Be fascinated by your own anger and what it is telling you about your current ability to master yourself and remain in the moment. Meet it as though it was a friend and let it show you what is happening. Think ‘Fight Club’ – do you remember the ‘homework’ Tyler gives Ed Norton’s character. Go out and get in to a fight with someone. … If you react to anger – ‘they’ control you, antidote? Commit to ‘be’ with your Anger, really feel it – don’t resist, listen to it – deeply and hear what it is trying to tell you about who you really are. Maybe – keep us in the loop as to how you go?

      • A zillion thanks for your professional advise Imogen 🙂
        Now I have to make friend w/ myself on the other side of the coin… I wish I can Master this with alot of practice.
        Merci 😀

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