The gifts of the wonderful Frangipani Tree …

I was dreaming the other night. Sleeping you could say. I dreamed I was in the subterranean burrows and tunnels under the earth. I was looking for someone. Someone … who was lost. Maybe it was you? Maybe it was a part of me? I found a root system of a tree. But which tree was this? I began climbing and dreaming in to the tree’s roots. There was a sweetness to the tree. Maybe it was a smell. It was familiar to me. There was a sweetness and a heat. And then … I remembered the Frangipani Tree that was growing in the garden of my childhood home, in Queensland, where as you know the sun never sets.

I climbed up the root system, up the trunk of the tree, along the branches and kind of bloomed, like a bubble bursting out of the beautiful sweet fragrant clumps of waxy petals … the signature form of the Frangipani Flower. Being as curious as a one eyed cat, I immediately consulted Google to discover the meaning, if there is one, of the Frangipani Tree …

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