Things That Cannot Be Compared …

A petite something for the romantic in all of us, that Self – long hidden, deeply buried, very shy who dreams, quietly in the shower so no one can see. The same Self who yearns and believes in ‘the impossible’. The Self who has traded the torment of uncertainty and risk for certain defeat.

Do not resign yourself to becoming the hostage of your Inner Masochist. Defy destiny say I, smash the glass, snatch Fate from the mouths of the Gods and make it ‘real’. Whatever it is you long for, reach for IT!

Go on … what else is happening? ‘House of Cards’ Season 4 won’t be available on netflix till next year.

“Things That Cannot Be Compared”

~ from the Pillow Book of Sei Shōnagon

    1. Summer and Winter
    1. Night and Day
    1. Rain and Sunshine
    1. Youth and Age
    1. A person’s laughter and his anger
    1. Black and White
    1. Love and Hatred
    1. The little indigo plant and the great philodendron
    1. Rain and Mist
  • “When one has stopped loving somebody,
    One feels that he has become someone else,
    Even though he is still the same person”.

    “In a garden full of evergreens the crows are all asleep. Then, towards the middle of the night, the crows in one of the trees suddenly wake up in a great flurry and start flapping about. Their unrest spreads out to the other trees, and soon all the birds have been startled from their sleep and are cawing in alarm. How different from the same crows in daytime!”

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