Sundays with Clangers

So last full moon or close to full moon, from memory it was a non working relaxing day, Clangers went missing. I recall a clear day and a clear night. I recall assuming the FoxTel position and watching some combination of smash em up derby, long looks that lingered and chortling a plenty. Good Times. I think we were watching “A Big Year” – those crazy Birders. Somewhere between finding the Bald Eagle and the Pink Footed Goose, I realized Clangers had shot through, was MIA – had disappeared.

Sundays with Clangers

I went to investigate and after a short amount of skulking, skutteling and peering quietly around corners I discovered our Hero standing on our deck out the back communing with the Moon and the trees upon whom her light did fall.

This in itself is not such a strange event up our way. Most of my clients confess under a crimson curtain of deep shame that they enjoy long chats with trees. So nothing weird here. We have a whole tribe of tree lovers up here in The Hills. I myself don’t mind a tree, love their work with the Earth’s gas exchange not to mention holding the soil in place for the planet but some folk are mad keen on trees. Clangers is one of them – just quietly.

He and other tree lovers can be observed gazing transfixed in absolute tree lerve – communing, vibing – its a kind of tree music. Last year Burringa – local arts platform – did a whole photo series on the joy and love of trees. Clangers has his plus preferez – his favourites and he comments with wonder on their progress every time we pass.

So this was the Saturday before – the perfect Sunday. Have you noticed that every day, just for a moment – if you wait and watch like the best of hunters, a perfect moment will unfold without schedule, fan fare or expectation and you will feel yourself settle, calm,coalescence like sediment in still water, mind, body and spirit in one place, in total sync. Peace in this moment will be yours and you will feel as though things will always be that way.

Such moments are not announced but sometimes, if you are lucky, doing a lot of yoga or zen meditation or chatting with trees – you may receive more than one. I made another discovery regarding these secret unsought moments – there are also perfect days to be found or happened upon – across a year. I reckon they are more likely to happen in Autumn. They like a Billy Connolly show – are not advertised so when you catch one – more is the joy.

We had such a Sunday the morning after Clangers was found communing with the Moon. I woke up late – love that. Clangers rolled me down the stairs at about 11:00 and we pressed on with the sugar free breakfast. Have found coconut in the right context to be almost as exciting! Clangers went with the moment charged with moonlight no doubt and the trees. He spontaneously suggested to move ourselves on to our deck that was flooded with Sunlight. Such excitement is often prevented in The Hills due to the abundance of rain. So – we went with the moment, and out we moved.

I was hungry, distracted, too goal oriented, a burden of the Post Industrial that morphed into the Current Info-Tech Revolution, so I missed the next perfect moment that unfolded. Clangers caught it, inspired by his communing, called ‘Halt’. I am a bit dogmatic about the taking of photos. My view is – I would rather be in the moment, than observing the moment. But for all my dogmatism – Clangers caught this one, on ‘film’.

Everything got better from there because once we were in the moment, the sunlight kept us there and reluctant were we to leave it. We polished off a couple of bottles of wine, I made a plate of Madeleines – these were not captured on film due to being rapidly consumed and sugar was included.

Here’s to perfect days that blow in unexpectedly and mysteriously depart just as unexpectedly as they arrived. Be in them when they do, the gift of the spontaneous cannot be bought,nor repeated, nor contrived, captured or controlled.

Speaking of unexpected – the injury update – so the intercostal muscle sprain is on the mend but we have another injury to report. Clangers either stubbed his toe or someone jumped on it. It’s was all a bit unclear. Oh dear.

The joy of the unsought blessing – priceless. Talk soon.

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