Movies I ‘Dig’

She is absolutely hilarious and has written a white hot comedy that is guaranteed to split your sides with searing honesty. I learned, whilst attending the hallowed halls of Queensland University where summer is annually announced by the gentle slipping of violet jacaranda flowers from bough to … well the ground, I learned all about Greek Philosophy of Drama, more specifically of the arts Comedy and Tragedy. This came in handy when I embraced the intellectual torment that is the excavation of the psyche and study of Psychoanalysis. Both humor and highlights of the human condition were helpful.

Turns out comedy is all about big props, exaggerated attributes – both physical and psychological and get this, telling the absolute truth! WTF! Right? Turns out – there is a philosophical reason behind why, we find ourselves laughing. Let me test you. Do you know why you laugh, when you do?

Sure Imogen, because – it is funny. Yes, but why do you find yourself gawfawing on the floor uncontrollably? Laughing without any sense of control, is a bit like … [use imagination]. Ah hem. According to, if you press me for the reference – I will dig out my notes, but the long and the short of it is – we laugh, when we laugh – because … we were all once Gods and we forgot. When we laugh uncontrollably we briefly remember the euphoria of being divine and without limits. Then, we forget again. This is the only joke even told – apparently, the absurdity of being human.

And on my left … Amy Schumer is a self confessed over sharer. She tells the truth – and then some more truth. She has written a blinding script in the style of “Bridesmaids”, made by the producers of “Bridesmaids” called “Trainwreck”. Clangers and myself hot footed it to the Cameo Sunday Evening last, to sample this selection of divinity.

Do we remember ‘Bridesmaids’? Forgot? Yeah? Here’s the shorts …

So, this is my laughter scale … we got Billy Connolly discussing his love of Opera gesticulating rather than actually speaking and myself experiencing bladder control challenges and cheek cramp – up one end, and Dad jokes that Clangers comes up with, you know – bone dry and where the “pull my finger” is implied, up the other. I tell you, we laughed – no change of underwear needed but cheeks got stuck and cramped shut … we laughed and laughed and laughed. So just under Billy describing Opera.

Amy plays, Amy in “Trainwreck” – a hot mess, commitment phobe who is starting to lose her shine. And now … for some clips.

Let me introduce Amy Schumer. Here she is receiving the Glamour Magazine’s Trailblazer of the Year Award for 2015. Jennifer Saunders, the original hot mess party girl and Comedic Goddess Divine presented it to her. Watching Jennifer’s responses are half the show. It will give you an idea of who you are going to see …

And here is the shorts for ‘Trainwreck’ …

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