Belgrave Lantern Parade on Mid-Winter’s Night ~ 22 June 2013

Not Spooky but Very Cold! Brrrrrr! Like rug up – OK? Does any one possess a pair of in demand ‘heated boots’? I can hear Clangers telling me … “Shhhh! Stop Whinging!”, wear your Ugs. OK. Fair enough … you never remember the pain later, the warm glow of nostalgia … just like to shimmer of the beautiful lanterns. Some cider might help, a possible plan?

This clip is more ‘folk’ than ‘street’ …

… and to keep the balance, this clip is a bit more ‘street’ than ‘folk’ – y’dig?

See you there … I’ll be on the Cider and Gluten free sausages trying not to burn either tongue or roof of mouth – inevitable. I hope there are some sausages there, for the wheat impaired. Yes? No? Wait and see.

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