PART II: Mona Lisa ~ Nigella Lawson

A Younger Mona Lisa? WTF?

According to Leonardo’s early biographer Giorgio Vasari, Leonardo had started to paint Mona Lisa in 1503, but “left it unfinished”. However, a fully finished painting of a “certain Florentine lady” surfaces again in 1517, shortly before Leonardo’s death and in his private possession. The latter painting almost certainly is the same that now hangs in the Louvre. Based on this contradiction, supporters of the authenticity of the Isleworth Mona Lisa claim it to be the unfinished Mona Lisa, made at least partially by Leonardo and originally handed over to its commissioner, and the Louvre Mona Lisa a later version of it, made by Leonardo for his own use.
Also, according to Henry F. Pulitzer in his Where is the Mona Lisa?, Giovanni Lomazzo, an art historian, refers in his Trattato dell’arte della Pittura Scultura ed Architettura, published 1584, to “della Gioconda, e di Mona Lisa (the Gioconda, and the Mona Lisa)”. La Gioconda is sometimes used as an alternative title of the Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre; the reference implies that these were, in fact, two separate paintings. Pulitzer reproduces the critical page from Lomazzo’s tract in his own book.

A Younger Mona Lisa? WTF?

A Younger Mona Lisa? WTF?

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