Clangers is well ~ Not well

Clangers is in bed – sick with some mucous accumulating viral bacterial disorder. He is very grumpy and not at home to visitors. Some partners, I am sure are ‘good’ patients, but mine has no patience with being sick. Or on occasion – in general. I am confident he would disagree with this impartial observation – vehemently.

Clangers has been over doing it a bit of late AND there has been a particularly revolting prolific mucous production virus wandering about these parts on the damp, after hours. Here is Clangers on the front ‘picket’ line at the Maccas Site in Tecoma. He is the one wearing the Striped Beanie behind Nan sitting on her 4 Wheelie Frame.

Clangers Making a Stand for Democracy!

This photo made Clangers an anonymous but none the less international super star as it ended up in the UK Guardian. Between protesting about violation of Democratic Rights and educating me on the correct bathing sequence – he’s worn his-self out and is now in bed, sooky, with temperature and headache. Did I mention the mucous?

Clangers has a superior attitude when it comes to a range of self care routines. His view is that showering should follow a prescribed order. I believe it is largely a head to toe routine. For myself – I am a bit more eclectic when it comes to bathing. Consequently – smug Clangers observes, on occasion – bits get missed, like the ‘pits’. And it is the pits when you hit the bath mat only to have to turn around and return from whence you came. Cheered on by Clangers – guffawing.

Guffaw on the floor!

It’s OK. Annoying is what it is and – perhaps you have this problem also? Our house – sadly is the product of the general boundary destruction that sums up the 1970s. It was all open plan living, ‘bonding’ and way too much visible body hair. So traumatized were we children of the 70’s that most of us whisk out body hair strand by strand as soon as the offending tendril sprouts. Ugh! Does anyone remember the view of their parents’ nethers – at the beach, when you were small enough not to see higher than … you know where I am going, I prefer not to go there. None of us want to go there – Ugh! Well – our bathroom is a legacy of another failed Utopian Vision – good fences, good neighbours, say I.

So we have the toilet on top of the basin on top of the shower on top of the wooden towel rail stand we-are-using until-one-of-us-finds-time to install the ‘real’one. This means if one person is in the shower – the other could be engaged in a range of bathroom activity options. One thing I like in our bathroom – is the bath mat. It is fabulous. I purchased it at great expense and found one exactly like that which was at Grandma’s. My Grandma had all the best things. This mat is pure cotton and woven. I like the bumpy feel of the weave under wet feet as you gracefully exit the shower – however …

Clangers, who often but not always showers first – likes to shuffle my most preferred bath mat underfoot over to the basin after he exits the shower – leaving mine foot, bare.

Not happy.

Now some help for ailing husbands who are not good patients and those who care for them. This works on Clangers when he is chogged up with mucous.

Go to Nail the Flu Tea, Toast and Chest Rub …

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