Mean Girls ~ How to talk to your daughter about …

Toxic Relationships

Not exactly sure how best to introduce this topic. We all know about it, regardless of gender. Some of us witness it. Feel uncomfortable when we do. None of us know what to do. How do you deal with a female bully?

Female bullying starts when girls are very little, and my observation is – no one is comfortable disciplining a little girl who is also a bully. But that little girl will one day become an adult, a woman and without some kind of consequence for her behaviour she will grown in to an inevitable tyrant who habitually violates the needs, rights and feelings of others. Sometimes with no other purpose than to relieve boredom. We may not speak of this directly, we may all look away and hope it goes away, but we all know a woman like this and we don’t know what to do about it.

What to do? What can we do? We cannot become bullies ourselves to stop one female child bully another. The challenge is as much a collective responsibility as an individual one. And the issue is complex. While we are working out our own issues with personal power [our past present and future issues with power] – I have found an article that provides a little guidance for parents of little girls dealing with a female bully.

It is a place to begin. Many times we only realize there is a problem with how we are doing things – when it causes harm to our children. So here it is …

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