Big Girl! You are Beaut-iful!

Dita Von Teese, a Feminist? Who’da thunk?

The pursuit of Authenticity absolutely requires creativity for without creativity – how can you reveal yourself to yourself sufficiently that your wings can dry and you can fly?

A creative curious mind is a beautiful thing and requires openness to emotion, to experience, to ideas and possibilities.

In my more adventurous day dreams – I am many things, have been many things – but by far the most exotic, to my mind, alternate self I can imagine myself to be is the Burlesque Dancer, otherwise known as a Classy Stripper.

Burlesque transforms the mediocre minutia of disrobing to a higher plane of existence – into – ‘Art’ where the body of the Artist becomes an object through which the ‘Art’ is transmitted.

What is Art? What is Art – to you? Big Question – pondered by many. I have some thoughts on the subject, ofcourse this should not come as a great surprise, blog writer that I am.

More than that, I am compelled by Art rendered in whatever media takes the fancy of the Artist – that fuses disparate polarities in ‘such a way’ that enlightenment is precipitated, awareness dawns in the mind perceiving and at the very least mediocrity is temporarily banished to the swamp from which it emerges and it will, for that is where all the ballerinas go.

Ouch! Wait – a possibility for authentic self expression remains – there is always – Burlesque!

Sounds good – but when I apply my preferences to Burlesque and project myself on to the stage and in to the spotlight of the Burlesque ‘Artist’, I keep imagining myself as a kind of Blonde Bobbed Short-Sighted Ukulele Playing Stripper and it all becomes more hilarious than seductive, I crash into things and tangle myself up in buttons, zips and ribbons trying to remove stockings without impaling myself on the drum kit.

I did actually get as far as signing up for an audition with the Lido [Paris] – back in the day – but – of course I chose another less disciplined more enjoyable path – eating!

Dita Von Teese would have to be one of the most impressive professional disrobers around.

Burlesque – as I understand it – is the kind of approach to Art that is both forgiving and inclusive. Does that also mean impervious to critics? It can take any form you like – so I could do my comedy short sighted routine and play the ukulele – as disrobing marks the conclusion of the show – just don’t show – nipples and keep them – enthralled. Here is Dita, who knows how to do – just that.

Here she is doing a speaking Burlesque routine to Mika’s “Big Girl” …

And now for the finale of this modest piece of prose. Drum roll please …

Here again for your enjoyment and artistic appreciation is Dita Von Teese who has achieved the highest form of Burlesque Art known to this modest blogger because she manages to disrobe entirely in darkness with only her face lit by one solitary spot.

That’s right! Take it away – Dita!

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