MMMmmmm ~ Bacon!

BLT? Anyone? ~

I am fasting at the moment. I was doing a daily record of my comings and goings fasting but it all became a bit … well … a bit hard to decipher and digest for you all. I have not eaten for 17 days now. I will at some point report on this but for now … I am at times, hungry. Let me explain this better. My brain is hungry and concerned about me not eating, but my body is having a nice rest thank-you very much and not worried at all.

I have been on a juice fast with herbs. Powerful little plants they are too. You really feel them when you have no food in your system. So far, I can report – a significant drop in the pain and inflammation my body feels.

One of the weird things you notice fasting, is you still think about food. But and this is odd, I think about food the same way I used to fantasize about getting married in the Disney Castle dressed as Cinderella. I know it is not going to happen, but still enjoy visualizing and salivating. I have found YouTube a great help to this. Each day – I want a different something to eat. It often involves eggs, but more recently … bacon.

This is what I have been watching, like over and over and over again …

And this is what I am going to make when I am safely out of the Fasting Woods … the Ultimate BLT!

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