Have you heard about Farm2Door yet?


Dialogue no matter how small or seemingly insignificant always always has an effect. For example, when I am out and about in the world – from time to time, people ask me the question everyone gets asked, “Where do you live?”. I say, “Tecoma”. They say something like, “So what happened about McDonald’s? Did they build it?” Good question with a large answer that is still unfolding.

Yes McDonald’s built their restaurant, but they also helped many communities build much more than that and with a scope and a force that reached far wider than our little village of Tecoma. Although we are not the Kelly Gang and we did not go down in flames and gunfire, the legend of our protest lives on in the imaginations of everyone who heard about our stand. Some day in the future, we might even look to Maccas with gratitude for the changes they help usher in but for now, we must chop wood and carry water. Maccas helped our community bring forward strengths, creativity, innovation, connection, community and relationships that were not being expressed before they engaged us in ‘dialogue’. Let’s call it that … for now.

I have one of these adventures that emerged to share with you today. It is called Farm2Door and it is a simple enough initiative. On the surface it will not seem either sexy, nor exciting and it is far from revolutionary but there is far reaching potential for this humble idea. Farm2Door wants to put ‘Munchers’ in direct contact with the Stars, the Angels and the Pixies that grow the food we eat. You can place fresh produce orders with Farm2Door online each week and receive a delivery to your home. Not quite like magic, but almost. You will know who grew what you and your kids are eating and they will, if you like, get to know you. You will be able to post comments and suggestions to Growers. And a little dialogue has begun.

Farm2Door is not a revolutionary idea. It is a simple approach to how we all get the food we need that could change everything about how we do community. Rather than lay this out for you, I will invite you to check it out yourself, weigh up the idea and join the dots. We all need a resilient and flexible food supply system. Do we have one currently? I am unsure. What do you think?

The concept of Farm2Door is straight forward enough. You make a fresh produce order online and it is delivered to your home. But Farm2Door is much more than that, it is also creating feedback loops between Munchers and Growers. Another word for these ‘feedback loops’ is ‘relationship’. Why are relationships so important? Because … they enable us to evolve, solve problems, and therefore survive – together. If Munchers know Growers, and talk – it is much easier to help each other and work together. Do not underestimate the power of dialogue. It can, has and will change the world.

Farm2Door will be taking orders, questions and generally chatting to any and all who front up to their stall at the Belgrave Big Dreams Market on Sunday December 13, 2015.

See you there! See Facebook Post below for Farm2Door’s Online Launch …

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