Getting in touch with your ‘Inner McDonald’s’

Friends, I have a quick update and clarification regarding the Tecoma Protest.

Just quietly and to be clear – I am not part of the inner sanctum driving the opposition to the McDonald’s development in Tecoma. I am just an interested bystander, a resident of Tecoma and a curious being by nature. I am therefore interested in what is happening around me.

I am supportive of the individual and collective experience of being human, of community life, of dealing with individual and collective wounds through authentic communication.

I want to embrace rather than avoid emotional experience. I want to meet ‘the other’ and engage, where necessary, in conflict in order to maintain authenticity. I support the creative and authentic life as a way to rebuild relationships, histories and create culture.

The proposed McDonald’s development in Tecoma is bringing these themes to the surface and people are discussing them both in and among our community in The Hills and also out there in the World. But – it is early days, and there are many many wounds to mend.

Anyone watching this story is borrowing the experiences, thoughts and stories of those who make up the Tecoma Protesters, so that they can understand those same parts within themselves.

I am passionate about Global and Local transformation and striving to create a culture of internal and external democracy that is able to meet, embrace and connect with diversity rather than suppressing or marginalizing that which is different, foreign or is some other way – not ‘me’. It is not so easy in this fast world defined by technology – feeling emotion is a decision and is no longer an assumed inalienable right. I am dreaming of a culture where no part of anyone needs to be cut away and ignored. No part. None. Early days.

I am interested in the experience of inner and outer transformation and what participating, witnessing or opposing the Tecoma Protest means to the individual and the collective experience. What is happening in Tecoma, at this time, permits an exploration of theses themes and this is the focus of some of my blogging at the moment. It might be make-up next week – who knows.

I am all about noticing and witnessing what is happening in Tecoma because two forces of consciousness are meeting and creating potential for transformation – but inner work and warriorship is needed for the Alchemy to happen.

Who or what is McDonald’s to you? What is the essence of McDonald’s to you? And – what is your relationship to this part of yourself?

Have you meet your ‘Inner McDonald’s’? If not I might see you tomorrow – am undecided as to whether I will go.

See what the Tao shows.

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