Tecoma Eight summoned to Supreme Court

The ‘Tecoma Eight’ were served with Supreme Court Writs on Monday and summoned to the Supreme Court. Team Tecoma manned the Picket line while the Tecoma Eight attended Court. Team McDonald’s rocked up to Court with trolleys of evidence, a couple of QCs and something like eight lawyers.

The long and the short of it is – the ‘Tecoma Eight’ are banned from protesting by occupying the roof of the old Dairy and inciting protesting on social media for two weeks whilst they prepare to defend themselves in court. A Directions Hearing has been set for 1 August. However nothing was said with respect to restricting the right to protest for the rest of the Tecoma residents.

The Good News is the National Workers Union have said they will enforce Work Bans as long as the Picket Line remains intact.

Here is a little song from our Gnomes about their way of life in the Tecoma Hills.

Calling out to Armchair and Closet Activists, if Democracy fails anywhere it concerns people everywhere.

Please show your support for the democratic process and sign the Petition hosted by the National Workers Union of Australia, to oppose the McDonald’s development in Tecoma .

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