Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me!

It’s too hot today! Too close to Christmas. When is Santa coming! The cicadas are tuning up, the hum of Summer – late this year. Unsure why – although I did ‘hear’ from one of my ‘sources’ that the reason for these strange weather patterns is because … The Earth is being towed to a new location! I though we were doing OK, third planet from the Sun.

In other news, I have been eating Peaches by the boat load. It is helpful that Clangers works with produce, keeps me in … peaches! What else can you do in the heat? There’s NetFlix and Christmas movies about places with snow that seem relevant in the Southern Hemisphere. I watched this sweet, nostalgic somewhat ambiguous movie called “All my friends are leaving Brisbane”. The title, although confusing, takes me back to leaving the burning balmy sweaty melting confines of the once convict settlement of Brisbane City. It was more a Town when I left. Does anyone remember “Rowers”? I never went either.

And after all this yapping to you … I am now behind in my Peach squaffing! Here’s a song to squaff by …

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