Autumn Fan Dance – White Peaches

Furry Sweetling Delights!

I am completely mad for White Peaches this year. We have had a Long Summer and I confess I clung and hung on it uncharacteristically longer than intended. Might even say I have developed an attachment – this mean some kind of psychological injury is impending. Like an unexpectedly pleasant dream I tempted fate and fire by wishing the Summer lingered longer – for the Peaches mostly.

My mother spun me a story, when I was a child and claimed that White Peaches and Yellow Peaches tasted – the same. Untrue! Untrue!
Apart from being the quixotic ingredient in a Bellini –

More of the Beasties! YUM!

Troubling due to the unfortunate process of oxidation rendering the pristine purity of a White Peach, innocent and mysterious like Celtic Swans who transform at dusk in to willowy women – oxygen makes the White Peachy Pulp/Puree a bit mulchy, which is no good – spoils the show.

Apart from this … they are sweeter!
Truth! Pursue White Peaches. They are worth it!
I confess to be still stalking them in early Autumn.
There are some – even now in the kitchen, not for long.

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