Q. What is the Secret of … “The Secret”?

A. Vision Board!

Who hasn’t heard about a Vision Board? Yes? No? Are you up against something in your world, you wish was not there? Why not develop a Vision Board to change it. There is so much material all over the web about how to go about making a Vision Board, it’s probably not worth me competing or repeating it here. But, for brevity, here are some tips – that helped me …

Become aware of what you have been dreaming, the old, worn out, not fitting me anymore, time for something new ‘dream’ and get real clear about what you were creating.

Having a reaction? Excellent. You just found an attachment – this needs to go, it is an emotional tether that is recreating a dream that no longer serves or fits. Maybe it never fit. Maybe it was only a reflection of trauma or ancestral memory – whatever the case.

If there is a tether to it, it has become like an emotional broken record – that is getting boring and old. Let it go! Have a funeral. Cry if you need to but listen to the part of you that is sooooo ‘bored’ with wearing a dream that just doesn’t fit – anymore.

What do you want? Get clear, be detailed – be very very specific. It will work. During my first couple of goes at using a Vision Board, I used images of a busy waiting room, wanted to imagine myself overflowing with people seeking appointments. This is exactly what happened! But it was not good, despite what I thought. I created conditions for burn out and fatigue. So think it through! On the upside – it did work.

Find pictures and images of not only what you want to create but the way you feel about being in the vision. Put yourself in the vision. Create a poster or visual image. The only caveat I would include is make sure this is what you really want. I guess if you bugger up, no problem – you can always dream again. Dream from your heart, use your mind to strap your desire in images to hold the experience – and it will … happen.

Look at it. Every day. Make sure it is getting imprinted on your subconscious mind. Let your imagination see, feel, hear, taste and smell – it happening. Be grateful and give thanks that it is happening and or on its way to you. What have you got to lose? Everytime you think of your goals imagine them happening.

Not possible. I mean it. After a 20 year career in psychology, so far – I have never encountered a personal situation or circumstance where this is not happening. Your relationship situation not working? Your bank balance not where it should be? Your living situation – not happening. Look within and learn about how you work.

You might, not be aware of what you are imagining or the images in your mind you are currently using to dream up your life. Clangers went through this, some time back. His own mind helped him with a dream. He dreamed a man he did not know, was driving his car and swerving crazily all over the road. This is what is happening if you don’t like the dream in which – you are living.

Antidote, seek Authenticity, practice personal discipline in thought, word and deed – grow in Integrity and slowly, slowly your outside world will begin matching your inside world. Tru Dat! Belee dat! Try it yourself? Do you want to be … the only one who does not know how to dream your dream – consciously?

The nature of reality, we have been told over and over again – by Science and other non interactive paradigms like Religion, is that we are separate from reality and the only way for us to interact with or change our reality is through using Newtonian Physics or some other version of personal flaggelation. OK. This is not – untrue, just not the whole truth or the most efficient way of changing ‘reality’.

I have and no doubt will use Vision Boards to change my reality.Rather than spend words trying to ‘convince’ check out these You Tube Vids to help.

And for those who are OK with an old style American Success Story – this is the story of how one woman, dreamed up one million dollars in one year …

And it also works on finding ‘lerve’ …

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