Easy Chicken Stock ~ Good for Everything!

Chicken Stock is simply a pretty good stand by to restore the body. My freezer is full of bones, not because I am a serial chicken devour-er … but because, they are the secret ingredient for Chicken Stock. It’s delicious, smells great when it is cooking and is easy to digest and easy to eat. It is also a quick tasty nutritious base for Soup.


  1. One Whole Medium to Small Chicken – Free Range if you can manage it
  2. 2-3 Chicken Carcasses (You need the bones for the Gelatin in the Stock
  3. A Ham Bone, if you can find one
  4. A Couple of Carrots
  5. A Couple of Sticks of Celery
  6. An Onion, white or brown – it doesn’t matter
  7. A Couple of cloves of Garlic – smashed or squashed as you prefer
  8. Some Pepper Corns
  9. A Bay Leaf – maybe, maybe not
  10. Filtered Water – enough to fill the Stock Pot with everything in it


  1. Chopping Board
  2. Cleaver or Big Knife
  3. Kitchen Scissors or Secateurs
  4. Big Stock Pot
  1. Cut Up Whole Chicken in to about four pieces and put in Pot
  2. Break Up Chicken Carcasses and put in Pot
  3. Wop in Ham Bone if you have one
  4. Cut Onion in Halve
  5. Wash but don’t peel Carrots, cut in chucks, put them in
  6. Wash Celery, break in to chunks, wop in with the leaves, full of good things – in
  7. Bung in Pepper Corns and Bay Leaf if you have one
  8. Cover everything with Water (Filtered if you can)
  9. Put on Stove and Bring to Boil
  10. Heat Up Oven to 180 Degrees Celsius
  11. Put in Oven, reduce heat to 130-150 Degrees (the hotter the oven, the quicker the Soup Stock will evaporate, need to top up
  12. Leave in Oven Overnight or for 9-12 Hours
  13. Top Up Water as required
  14. Strain Soup Stock through Colander then Sieve

As the Stock cools, fat will rise to the surface and set. This is full of flavour and can be used in cooking. The meat from the Chicken can also be used to put in to Soup.

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