And … we’re back! ~ Look Out for Posts in 2015 on FRIDAYS!

Ah Holidays … here one minute, back in the saddle the next. Where does the time go? So I got sunburned and sand fly bitten but thoroughly enjoyed myself. Swam in the ocean, communed with the essence of all things, ate oysters, drank champagne and caught fish, well Clangers caught fish – I just ate them!

I indulged my secret addiction to the Real Housewives and watched two entire seasons about the Beverley Hills crew on YouTube – without Clangers twigging. Such forbidden pleasure – so delightful! Maybe he did twig, but being ever the gentleman, he never mentioned it.

I made the executive decision to take a break from Days eChain to recharge the noodle and store up ideas ready to share for 2015. This year, you can looking forward to regular posts at the end of the week – on FRIDAYS!

Good Times
Talk soon.

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