The Sun is not so bad … right?

We like the Sun, being in the Sun, don’t we?
Don’t we? Or have we all been terrified in to avoiding the Sun due to its effects on our skin – early aging or worse – the C-Word! Cancer! Ugh!

It is true our Sun in Australia is hot and yes under the right conditions, unchecked cell growth, a skin cancer will grow – but it is not accurate to say – our Sun is baaa-aaad for us.

Natural sunlight is essential for good health. A reduction in exposure to natural sunlight increases our risk of developing cancer, depression, obesity, osteoporosis among other undesirable health conditions.

What about Sunburn? Isn’t it dangerous?


Well there are interestingly factors which increase susceptibility to sunburn and the negative consequences of sunburn. Herbalist and Whole Food advocate Don Tolman has found an increase in susceptibility to sunburn is associated with nutritional deficiencies caused by consuming soft drinks, processed food, white flour, refined sugars and other highly processed food products – interesting eh?

Don has found a Whole Food diet combined with eliminated all processed foods for several months will eliminate sunburn even among the most susceptible – such as those with red hair in their genes – say more?

Vitamin D deficiencies are on the increase. The best way to get our daily does of vitamin D is by soaking up sunlight. It’s in the design. There is one. Had to see as it is – if you seek you will find it. Vitamin D levels have been found to be protect from the development of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women.

Sunburned Anyone?

Lavender Essential Oil

It is a brave person who tries this but … give Lavender Essential Oil a go, just a few drops then spread. It will evaporate quickly so let the essential oil meld with your skin’s natural body oils quickly, so you won’t lose any of the precious.

Seems wrong – I know, but Lavender Essential Oil is a remedy par excellence for burns, of any kind. It is – miraculous. I promise.

So … for kicks here’s Steve Carell murdering Hair, “Let the Sun Shine In!”

And here’s what the composer intended …

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