Where do you go to my lovely …?

I have just got back from a fun week away learning all about ‘plant spirit healing’. WTF? I hear you scoff and quip and question, “Imogen … what is ‘plant spirit healing’?” Funny you should ask, because I am dying to point you in the direction of ‘plant spirits’. And yes – prepare yourself, it is ‘weird’. What else would you expect from me. However, to warm you up a bit I will speak a little of “The Green Wall”.

“A culture that has lost its folk medicine, or its ability to heal and cure with everyday materials, has lost a part of its soul. There is something deeply sick with Western culture. If we are to restore it to health we need to restore its lost folk medical soul.” ~ Matthew Wood

The Green Wall

Before the Princess Complex came along and marred the unspoiled virgin skyline now bereft with box cutter buildings subliminally coaxing and cajoling us toward the mind control capabilities of the digital signal, we had ‘Nature’. And ‘Nature’ has this marvelous self correcting, self organizing, self evolving way about her. So much to say. The more I get to know ‘Nature’ and the way of the natural world, the more conscious I understand her to be.

Children used to play in ‘Nature’. Nervous systems were tuned via our visceral senses in to the magnificent external reflection Nature provides to us, and this helps us navigate our internal and external world. However, following the advent of the digital age, many of us, especially if we are younger – experience what is being described in hushed tones as a “Nature Deficit”.

This is “no good”. Not good. Very bad. For all of us.

Without a real relationship with the Natural World, we have no reflection, no compass, nothing to orient or center us. What do we do when we are lost? Out of balance? Not in relationship to ourselves, the world, others? How do we know that something “is wrong” and how will we know what to do, to fix the problem. Without a relationship to the Natural World we run the risk of believing we are what the technological world reflects to us. And if the Real Housewives Franchise is anything to go by …

Our unlived lives become bigger, more detailed, more grounded in fantasy. We need the fantasy to make up for the new reality we believe we are.

Here is a song, set to a waltz. You will feel rocked. You’ll know it if you here it. It speaks beautifully of fantasies and secrets. What secret do you lull yourself to sleep with each night? What lie have you dressed up as truth?

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