Do you … fight fair?

Over the years I have shared space on ‘the couch’ with many couples experiencing ‘conflict’. It is believe it or not, one of the way human beings do intimacy or closeness. We have sat together and tried to untangle that finger of blame from what each person’s Authentic Self is really trying to say.

You might even say, successful relationships depend on the way in which that couple or relationship handles conflict. Do they, for example, use the conflict to gain Self Awareness and Self Knowledge? Do they learn to see the conflict as an attempt to communicate? Do they slow it down and lean in to the discomfort enough, to begin to see the sentient being that is obscured behind a forest of past hurt projections.

Or do they … not?

Hopefully this also might help elucidate that which is unclear. Here I am being interviewed by Leroy & Emma from Light FM about the highs and lows of being in a couple relationship.

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