Have you met your … Feminine Self?

This piece struck a cord with my-Self, perhaps it will strike one with you also. Is there a place for the Feminine part of our Psyche to be expressed in the Post Industrial, Post Tech Modern World? The ‘Feminine’ and the ‘Masculine’, do not refer, in this context to gender alone. Although during the first part of life, it is common for each of us to lead with the polarity that matches our gender.

The key to Authenticity is expressing in everyday life more and more wholeness and integration of these two polarities of the inner world. They are different ways of knowing yourself, others and the world around you. Attributes such as rationalism, philosophy, the law and structures of all kinds are the domain of The Masculine, where as experiential knowledge, sentient awareness, knowing, intuition, feelings and dreaming are the domain of The Feminine.

Looking around the physical landscape within which we all live – there is evidence of The Masculine polarity everywhere. This dominance marginalizes many human experiences and disables intimacy in all of its forms. The Feminine is invisible at best, and extinct from the conscious mind at worst. It is not that one is better or worse than the other, it’s just that The Feminine seems to be missing, like a missing person. Eradicated by silent stealthy assassin known by many names and leave tiny foot prints in our everyday awareness.

This is some thoughts about those who have tried to rescue ‘The Feminine’ from the brink of extinction. See what you think? Do you recognize yourself in the narrative?

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