Today is/was World Bi Polar Day

Life is made up of highs and lows, isn’t it?

This is just life, isn’t it? Most of us experience a variety of moods and feelings in every day life. Feelings like frustration, joy and anger are part of what it means to be human and for most of us these moods last maybe one day … rather than say, several days. This is not the case for people who have BiPolar Disorder who experience moods and swings in their moods range from feeling overly “high” for weeks to weeks of feeling irritable, sad and or hopeless – with confusingly some normal periods in between.

The key difference that points to BiPolar as compared with a bad day or days is … so people who have BiPolar have difficulty handling their daily activities. For example, the illness interferes with their ability to communicate effective, meet their responsibilities at work, in their role as parent and or as a partner and they may have a disordered sense of reality. An example of this could be having an unrealistically high or low opinion of their abilities.

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