Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is a real thing …

And it can happen if you smoke too much pot!

Friends plants, as some of us know, are little conscious beings and marijuana is no different. The Marijuana Plant – is a Power Plant, meaning this plant, as is the case with many mood altering and hallucinogenic plants, teaches you about personal power but taking yours. Unless you are aware enough of the plant’s tricksy ways. The every day word for this is ‘addiction’ or maybe even ‘drug induced psychosis’.

One of the plant’s tricksy ways of getting your attention is referred to in the medical literature as ‘Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome’, and if you are committed to the ‘weed’ you may recognize the unmistakeable symptoms which are only relieved by laying under a warm hot shower.

Beware the Power Plant

They are, even if you are not!

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