Back again like a … boomerang!

Back in Business with a BANG!

Christmas gone for another year. Not exactly happy about this. Probably not all of me is in the same place. Some of me, is … probably still ‘away’. Where did Summer go? Still no sign of the Gidget. We are, just quietly, thinking it might be time to … go in ‘another direction’, so to speak.

Back in the saddle but not to the ‘salt mines’. For now, for warm up and to ‘ease’ the transition, I have … yes, a song. Living in the Hills, in Melbourne in the Summer is about as far away from 1930’s gangsta as you can get. So what can I say, “Shoot Me!”

It’s all Weiss bars and stealing the fan from Clangers in between watching “The Trip” both of them, again and again and again. Good comedy is similar to an orgasm, in a way – if you stand on your head and consider it from another dimension. It bears repeating, a lot. This is particularly the case, for some reason – in Summer. It is either, the pheromones or possibly … the lack of a structured day program.

This year, the work – the focus, the skill, the job … is likely to get edgier still. I do not know exactly what this will look, sound or feel like, yet. Nothing of wisdom or note to share, as yet. It all waits in the wings, like the best adventures.

For now … a toast, using the last of the Summer Wine, “To the future!”, and a tribute to all the Warriors of the female kind, may you inspire the Masculine everywhere, to do, what they must. Peace. Out.

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