The Scariest thing in the world is to …

Face Yourself ~ Belied dat!

Would you rather be right or would you rather ‘breathe’ …? Some of us, would prefer – just quietly, to be right!

When you feel your body WANT TO DO SOMETHING, this is who you really are

Our culture in Australia unconsciously celebrates … not being excellent, not achieving, giving up, doing it the easy way, maybe even avoiding being challenged. Why is this so?

Leap into Uncertainty! Why Not?

Defending why you can’t do something, does not make much sense – when not doing that “something” is worse than risking the temporary status of ‘failing’ necessary to CHANGE.

The only people that are going to make it to the future, are those who are willing to lean in to the discomfort of admitting the knowledge base they were given as an inheritance is not going to be enough, those who are willing to keep questioning, keep asking and keep learning.

Get Out of Competition! Get In to Co-Creation!

Here’s Kyle Crease with some nutritious food for thought about just how to tackle the challenge of CHANGING THE WAY THINGS ARE …


This is the only way to allow new possibilities, new solutions, new ways of seeing and being, step forward.


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