Build Small and Live Large

I am a bit ‘Tiny House’ Mad just now …

I cannot explain this phenomenon that is growing perhaps like ‘fungus’, am trying to be hip and cool and get in with the Permies. Moving on …

I am fascinated by teeney tiny weeney petite cleverly designed tiny houses. Just quietly, I had this crazy dream as a younger being of being a Gypsy, with a real wagon house that mysteriously packed up and traveled like the Tardis.

Many many younger people and families are struggling to buy and hold a home. The practice of printing money rather than managing cash flow and resources (not mentioning any names ‘United States of America’), you’d think we’d remember hyper inflation in Germany pre WWII – in any case, flooding the economies all over the world with currency that has been printed to pay off debt (brevity is the soul of wit as it is …) means younger families are competing with money flooding in to our economy from outside our economy. Means they cannot in a pink fit or blue moon afford to own the basics of all necessities – a home. Great!

Well – yes, necessity is the mother of invention – so Tiny Homes, astounding mobile creative explosions carpentry, design, permaculture ideas and social evolution have my dream life completely captivated. So much so – I just don’t know which magnificent examples to show you.

Here’s some dudes from Melbourne – who took the plunge, dared to dream, tested their wings and flew to freedom …

Cutest Tiny House – built in 40 days!

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