What do you do with Emotional Pain?

So … Clangers and I were sitting on the Chairlift, yon week past, surveying the scene and ruminating on the poise that wasn’t. Found myself saying sagely to the middle distance and no one in particular, “My brain is not here. It is somewhere else. I can’t get my feet to do what they should and then – I fall.”

Then the dude sitting with us on the chairlift hidden under balaclava and self awareness, trumps my sage with a spade and says, “Is it your brain or your emotions?” T’was a good point. My emotions were somewhere else, not on the slope and then ironically – I was, on the slope.

Emotional pain is just as compelling, as far as our nervous system is concerned, as physical pain – but for some reason, we are all more comfortable giving and receiving support for physical pain.

Physical pain, if it goes on long enough – can become Chronic Pain, which – if you have ever got to know a person with Chronic Pain – is about as emotional as it can be.

It is constant, unremitting, superfluously never ending.

So … What do you do with Emotional Pain?

Cover it?
Smoke it?
Fester it?
Stroke it?

Believe yourself free?
No! You’re tethered to me!
Your hatred binds you
And chained, we’re three.

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