Who Loves Ab Fab?

Love Love Love Ab Fab …

Mostly because Eddie and Patsy got me through the worst of adolescence in suburban hell in deepest darkest moistest Brisbane or comme l’appel des étrangers de la ville – Brisvegas.

Ab Fab Movie is almost here ~ only waiting until 4 August (I think) at the Cameo.

Edina Monsoon ~ “Lights? Models? Guest List? Just do your best darling!”

I remember going to Rhythmic Gymnastics training and doing warm up routines to this track or the contemporary version. In the olden days … you know, when enjoying yourself was punishable by flogging – as in … an actual flogging!

It is easy to kind of sort of think/decide/believe – that you don’t really exist outside the UK, California or New York, but then this is the world Eddie and Patsy inhabit. Everyone knows this is where fun is! Bless! Thank goodness we have movies to comfort us and make us feel part of the world, or – just feel full stop.

Does Patsy win the prize for the greatest comic line of all time … ?

Patsy Stone ~ “He was just a windscreen wiper I picked up at the lights. Buns so tight he was bouncing off the walls!”

Or else? Peut être?

“Oh, sweetie, one more facelift on this one and she’ll have a beard!”

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