Group goes ‘On Tour’ to Berlin ~ October 2016

Being part of Group has many benefits to personal development but perhaps the most important is the ability to move into and out of conflict, both internal and external, with increasing skill and confidence.

Going to Berlin

This year Group at Upwey Psychology will take the challenge of meeting conflict, within and without, on tour to Berlin for a unique learning opportunity hosted by the Deep Democracy Institute. Encountering conflict is part of what makes each of us human however very few of us have learned to be comfortable with, to understand and even to approach conflict as an opportunity to transform and grow not just ourselves but our communities, those with whom we live and share space.

Deep Democracy Institute & Process Oriented Psychology

The Deep Democracy Institute (DDI) has a global vision to develop skills, knowledge and experience facilitating conflict occurring within large groups of people such as Corporations and Communities of people. Their approach, draws on Process Oriented Psychology which was developed by Dr Arnold Mindell, has been tested in many situations of volatile conflicts around the world for over 30 years. Process Oriented Psychology integrates multiple paradigms and knowledge bases into one unified theoretical model. These range from the intellectual appeal of science, both classical and quantum, to intangible qualities of intuition, dreams and indigenous medicine to the authenticity of the body’s instinct.

Doing Conflict Well …

Becoming skillful facilitating conflict within and without requires engagement and presence from all of you and therefore is a valuable opportunity to build and hold your Authentic Self in a changing environment and arguably an unchanging culture that is itself not always able to express authenticity. It is also – fun.

The skills and experiences acquired during a Process Intensive are all about dealing with diversity and conflict within relationships. These skills provide road maps to unite teams in a business arena work context, understand the importance of conflict in relationship, find a transformative path through political conflict either at home or at parliament but most importantly, dealing with conflict has the potential to unearth untapped potential such as creativity, in large groups of people. And when, this happens – change is truly possible. All that is needed – is learning how to do it.

Deep Democracy Institute – 10 Day Intensive

DDI offers a 10 Day Intensive experiential learning opportunity which engages both the intellect, intuition and instinct to gain skill and confidence engaging with and bringing forward the transformative power of conflict in a group of people.

Want to Know More?

If you have previously participated in Group and feel curious or even a ‘pull’ to come, reach out. Click on this link for more information about the Deep Democracy Institute Process Intensive 2016.

If you are thinking of coming, please contact the office of Upwey Psychology via the Contact Page or via Facebook and we can work out the transport and accommodation details with you.

Reflections from Process Intensive 2015 in Barcelona

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