Asylum Seekers helping out at the Belgrave Farmers’ Market


The challenges facing Asylum seekers in our communities little and big is very confronting to all of us. It is not easy to speak about as emotions run high quickly. The situation is complex and divides our community in terms of what can be done to resolve the situation and help those caught in the middle. Some of us are trying to help in practical ways, donating clothes and other items people need to get through the daily challenges of life. This is good. This is needed.

WHEN: Sunday 19 June 2016 ~ every 2nd Sunday following

The organisers of the New Improved version of the Belgrave Farmers’ Market have tried to offer another kind of help. Seeking Asylum in a country known in the past for compassion and mercy, and not receiving this – leaves a wound. I struggle to find words for it. Experiences like despair, loneliness, grief spring to mind. There is only one medicine – I know for these injuries. People, relationships, company, community. This is what is needed.

WHAT TIME: 9:00AM till 2:00PM-ish

So the organisers for the Belgrave Farmers’ Market, have reached out to a group of Asylum Seekers in our community and asked them to be part of the team that is bringing the Market back to life and out of possibility into shared reality. Building community takes all of us, – it takes a willingness to lean a little in to the discomfort of winter weather and step outside the familiar.

WHERE: St Thomas More Primary School Belgrave

If you have time on Sunday – why not drop in to the Market? Shoot the breeze with some you have never met before, share a hot drink from the Coffee Cart or something delicious from the Community Brekky BBQ. The word is – they are going to have BBQ sauce, I have asked.

We might not be able to sort out the entire Asylum Seeker issue in one day, but we could reach out and offer the kind of support that is absolutely needed and too precious to measure.

We can show we care – just by being there.

And … bringing home some top local produce!

Be there!

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