Where are these ‘normal people’?

And … Has Anyone Seen them recently?

I am a Healer, that’s the truth of it – I ‘know’ things. Sometimes I don’t exactly know what I ‘know’, if you know what I mean. I go by many other names also, Psychologist, Herbalist, Counsellor, Therapist – mystic maybe … it is something I am still trying to understand but based on results, it does not seem to be something I can get away from – ‘jobs’, people, problems, dilemmas – find me, ready or not. So, some time ago – I decided to put a shingle out the front and declare to the world – “I am open for business”, so to speak.

“Relationships are Gardens for us to Grow In …”

Some of my ‘jobs’ follow the expected course and progress anticipated by people who read textbooks but many more fall in to the category of a puzzle, a mystery even. Good thing for me, I enjoy a puzzles, mysteries I mean. The ‘healing’ occurs when I or maybe I should say, ‘we’ work it out. This is good, all good for the most part – but sometimes, the people who come to me for assistance have expectations of themselves, of myself and of the world that is greater than what either of us or the world can deliver. When this happens – one of us, maybe even both of us involved – feel betrayal. And it hurts – a lot.

Paradoxically – sometimes this is the medicine, but this medicine is strong. Hard to make, hard to administer and even harder to swallow. But … it is what, the situation requires. Following internal processes, mine and the beings who seek healing, requires absolute commitment and absolute connection, but sometimes – I am just a normal person. Quite small. Quiet. Even shy. It is the Healer part of myself that steps forward over and over again.

“The Best Way to Learn from a Healer is to Bring Them a Problem …”

The part of me that is just a person and not a Unicorn, has something to share with you – the Big Other, because – I want, just a little bit, to be seen for the little me, the Ordinary One. We all need to work on our relationship skills, I am yet to meet the Master of Relationships. If we can work on our relationship conflicts within ourselves, there is less need and opportunity to project these conflicts on to the people in our lives and the world around us. Transformation of the world around us is possible by looking within and growing in self knowledge and awareness.

How many of us marginalise our own feelings, wants, needs, desires and dreams for the future? How many of us live lives of quiet desperation? How many of us are resigned to breathing but never living? If that is you – I have something for you.

“Being a Shaman is a talent that once in a while appears …”

Here is Max Schupbach, one of my Teachers, in action facilitating an Inner Conflict, the tension between the “Divine Healer” and the “Normal Person”.

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