Matthew Wood is coming SOON to Melbourne!

Matthew is one of my Teachers. I first learned from him, the way much learning begins – in books, but then slowly slowly from that strict Master – experience. I took risks, carefully, reflectively, soberly, reverently. I followed directions and words until my own mind began to bend like Matthew’s. Finally I met him in the flesh and failed in my attempt to restrain my inner repressed Groupie. What I can say about this experience is – true Teachers are gifted, they carry their knowledge within them and somehow, by being near, by listening, by interacting with them, maybe even wrestling with them – they transmit their knowledge straight in to your mind. You cannot put a price on this experience. If I have a drug of choice – the pursuit of knowledge, is it.


brought to you by Herbal Tonic

to buy tickets – scroll to the bottom and click on FB Post!

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