One Perfect Day …

So we haven’t heard about Clangers in a while. In fact most of the house is largely intact, in spite of Clanger’s natural inclinations and the wild life’s best efforts to reinstate equilibrium in this post industrial technological swamp we all attempt to call home.

Each day, there is … a little moment where you are one with yourself, the world around you and the hum of creation. Don’t deny it! It happened. If you missed it, no doubt you were on the smart phone or maybe you just blinked. There could be more moments like these, it is true. There could be more Authenticity, more Peace, more Passion and there’s always room for more Truth. But for now, in the fray, I will take a moment when the world stops and I feel a little shhhhhh and a little peace.

Click Here for the rest of Clanger’s Report …

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