Tim’s 9 Life Lessons! ~ Acquired when studying … Arts!

Everyone needs a laugh here and there. It helps. Alot. I stumbled across Tim Minchin’s Honorary Doctorate Acceptance Speech.

It’s funny, helpful and … true. Here’s Tim’s take on doin life.

1. You Don’t Have to Have a Dream – Be micro-ambitious!

2. Don’t Seek Happiness – it is like an orgasm, if you think about it too much – it goes away.

3. It’s All Luck – You are lucky to be here! Your DNA won! Well done you!

4. Exercise! – Sorry Pasty Pale Philosophy Majors! You jog therefore you sleep.

5. Be Hard on Your Opinions – Opinions are like Arse#@!~s

6. Be a Teacher! – Just for your 20’s

7. Define Yourself by What You Love

8. Respect People Less Powerful Than You

9. Don’t Rush … Don’t Panic

Here it is …

While we are at it … here’s Tim’s Shadow, welded into a Beat Poem ~ “Storm”

He raises more questions than he answers but still … reminds me of someone I knew once, who lacked faith, in … I’d have to say – everything. So the moment passed and nothing changed. Transformation remained in the realm of the impossible, the sanitized mystery, that esoteric bleach that drains wonder and with it potential …

Still, I enjoy a trip to the dark side, like the best, I mean, the rest of us.


Can’t resist, in the spirit of fairness, Tim’s ‘Darkside’

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