Out on the town with Melbourne’s Twisted History

Everybody has a BFF, in some form or another. Sometimes the identity of your BFF will creep up on you in so far as you don’t actually realise that this person is in fact your BFF. This happened to me. Symptoms of your BFF include – they listen, they don’t judge, they will argue and have faults, but they will hang in there with you. My BFF hung in there with me through years of illness and a lot of what must have appeared as flakey-ness on the surface. Truth be told, I was very very sick. Good news is – I am not now.

My BFF is a member of ‘the profession’ meaning she is a Counsellor and a Herbalist – and like all the best healers is slightly loopy. We diligently attend Herbalists Guild meetings. We consistently leave meetings feeling dutifully awestruck and inadequate by halves when confronted with the sheer brilliance and clinical command of our colleagues. We leave with firm commitment and intentions to bone up and impress our colleagues with our professional development for next meeting. This lasts until we get to the pub for chips and cider. And then we talk about … everything.

My BFF is, as I said, slightly loopy. You want this in a health professional. You want competent but not perfect, but most of all – you want them to … get it, don’t you? Who is perfect? My BFF’s quirks manifest in … well she is bang up for a paranormal investigation, a ghost tour or another trip in to the macabre. So went we did, on an adventure. We went on a Murder Tour with Twisted History Victoria and it was – in a few words it was fabulous and absolutely delightful.

If there is a Ghost Tour, Trip to the Macabre world of Murder or an overnight Paranormal Investigation in a Jail or building where previously there was a Psychiatric Hospital – my BFF is there. Luckily for my BFF – Twisted History Victoria arranges such adventures.

We went on a Friday Night to Melbourne’s CBD for a Murder Tour through the darker past and history of Melbourne’s Inner City. Our Tour Guide was dressed in authentic Victorian Bobby garb, brought the perfect mixture of mystery and terror leading us through alleys and lanes telling story after story of the gruesome and galling murders that happened exactly where we stood. We began near the Princess Theatre and there is nothing like proximity to create the chilling reminder of something that REALLY HAPPENED THERE!

The shivers – are real, as are the stories. If you are looking for something different, a way to participate in living social history, preserve folklore and want to slightly scare yourself – freak! – why not check out Twisted History Victoria and take a friend. You won’t regret it!

Twisted History Victoria brings the mystery and macabre to nights in Melbourne. Their tours will enthrall, bringing the perfect mixture of theatre and atmosphere that will engage, thrill, delight and terrify.

We had a great time!

More Details …

Twisted History Victoria are a dark tourism company with locations in Beechworth, Geelong and Melbourne. Check them out to learn the funky, bizzarre and darker side of Victoria’s history.

Melbourne Murder Tours are a tour company based in Melbourne conducting a walking murder and funky history tour of Chinatown and a driving murder tour of Carlton.


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