Gnomeaggedon 2015 is coming …

19 April 12:00 midday ~ Upwey Town Hall

In honour of St Patrick’s Day … actually, now that you mention it, we are at the tail end of the day. Better late than never, actually it is better, full stop, if you start listening to this clip of Carmina Burana, now and read on …

Kevin, our Garden Gnome is fond of the cider, smoking the grass and getting about in not very much at all. Best not to look down when he’s weeding the dandelions. You’ll regret it. Most of the time Kevin is all zen and the art of McDonald’s removal, but sometimes …

It all gets a bit shabby, and … goes to ‘pot’. The wheels fall off, in fact everything comes off, and then he’ll give you an ear full about any number of ire slaking, irk inspiring cutting hedge issues. And then you’ll be there, for a month of Sundays.

Best not to get him started.

The Well Dressed Gentleman Gnome will be wearing …

While the Lovely Lady Gnomes can be seen in …

For more information, check out the Gnome’s Facebook Page.

See you there!

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