Green is the New Black!

Just Green and Bare it!

More and more living the Authentic Life depends upon embracing Green Thinking, Green Doing and Green Feeling! Green is Good. Green is Better.

“If it is not good for All of Us

It is not Good for Any of Us”

Green is the way we are going to create ongoing sustainable healthy communities but we are not there yet, we are on the way. It is a Group Process – like everything.

Democratic Decision making is essential to community health and living Authentically. We are good at part of the Democratic Dialogue in Tecoma. We keep our hand in protesting here and there. Perhaps you have heard of us or our Gnomes where you are? Or … The Tecoma 8?

Democracy depends upon all of us participating and showing up for as authentic a conversation as we are able to manage. We do this, in Australia by giving our personal and political power to our elected representatives.

Our Democracy in Australia at this time is not ‘true’, not yet – it is a Democracy by proxy. But it is imperative we all participate and do what we can to reach consensus decision making after a thorough, rigorous and participatory debate about all issues affecting the Health & Wellbeing of ‘us’ as a collective.

Q. How can we do this?

A. Simple – Participate in the Process.

Kate Gustke is our Local Green Candidate for the Lyster Ward in the up coming election. She is a Community Lawyer by day and super hero, passionate advocate for social justice and the health of the community after hours. I am currently actively pursuing her about the ridiculous situation regarding Raw Milk. WTF! Right?

Community is made by people – hanging out, connecting and talking about what is important, to you, to them – to us. So Clangers and I pony-ed up, overcame our introversion for some hours, embraced the challenge of democratic participation and headed out Saturday Night last to Earthly Pleasures where The Greens were holding a Fund Raising Event for Kate.

We enjoyed delicious vegetarian fare that continued to make it’s presence known for many hours, even days later. It was the gift that kept on giving. A Green’s Fundraising Event is the place to find that sought after handbag made from a car tyre or perhaps that prized Male Skin Care range from Nivea. Clangers was lucky enough to score this in the raffle but more importantly, we talked, we shared, we made a little more community than there was the day before.

Good Times.
Peace Out.

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