You’ve been … Thunder-Struck!

Trust me to stumble a typo – nearly wrote … THUNDER-STUCK! Which does not have exactly the same effect … hows it go?

    “She was a fast machine,
    She kept her motor clean,
    She was the best damn woman that I’d ever …”

Wait … that’s err ‘You shook me all night long’ … Wrong!

OK well, when I first heard this song, I was confused – had an uncontrolled crush on some guy in my ski class who wouldn’t look at me. He was singing ‘You shook me all night long’, I was hoping he was referring to me. Like a lot. Kept trying to accidentally on purpose be in his line of sight. You know to nudge him in my general direction.

When he did look at me – I turned a scorching shade of tomato red and began uncontrollably giggling in manner of psychotic hyena before looking the wrong way, missing the poma and unceremoniously yet no less miraculously getting dragged to the top of the slope. Let’s move on. Still smarts. Moving on …

I have something to share, yet another musical montage with some obscure point conveyed via impact about yes that elusive nay mythic jewel – not the Unicorn, living the Authentic Life!

Firstly though I am going to demonstrate empirically just how seriously talented ACA DAKA is! Here’s Steve’n’Seagulls doing the Bluegrass version of AC DC’s classic … ‘Thunderstruck’! You try it! I dare you! Some serious strummin!

And now,

I am not going to explain this right … all’s you need to know is the following piece, to date, at the time of writing has recorded just shy of 29 Million hits on YouTube. WTF! Right!

Prepare to be woken from your slumber by two cellos being played by … the Men Folk!

It is the strings! A string thing! Guitars are technically strings. Cellos are strings. I think of Super String Theory, vibrations, sensation as a way to relate to and perceive reality.

Is it a masculinity thing?

I have started whispering about a masculinity revolution. So not sure. Is it that the 2 Cellos are men? Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are clearly a formidable talent and earlier in their journey their talent placed them in competition with each other. Competition, conflict – it is a kind of meeting, a dialogue – the result of this chemistry – now they play together.

The masculine self of most of us, expressed by men but comprehended or at least recognized by women is wounded, broken, cannot feel anything. But when I hear these guys play – I feel something I am going to call ‘hope’ and a belief that the masculine self can become whole.

There is a union present in the air between the 2 Cellos and it is palpable. You can feel it when they play and you listen to their music. Their talent has been funneled through the practice of music expressed by the cello and refined until their Authentic Self was revealed.

Elton John felt it and asked them to tour with him. I think, just quietly, his sense of their vibration swings to the homo-erotic. Luka and Stjepan are not gay. It’s healed masculinity you can sense. They express masculinity in a way that is compelling, powerful, whole but that power never becomes brutal, it can even be … gentle. It is undeniably beautiful. Whoever you are. Whatever your history, identity, culture, past.

Did I lose you? Well they are touring all over the place and translating rock music in to a classical format. They are basically a Classical Covers Band. No less compelling say I, what says you?

Here they are playing U2’s ‘With or Without You’ live in their home town Pula in Croatia and a bit of band banter …

I can hear the blues of Bono in the ether. What is that? Truth? Maybe …

“‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” ~ John Keats”

Good Times.

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