Fried Eggs with Tarragon ~ My New Favorite Thing!

Friends we have been renovating! I know right? Breakfast has been a departure from the usual routine. I like Eggs for breakfast but not all cooked Eggs are equal …

I like Eggs boiled, poached, fried and scrambled. Usually, I boil Eggs and treat them exactly the same way each day. That is, fill small saucepan with water as hot as I can from tap then gently lower in Eggs. Actually I used to do things this way, then I evolved my approach.

On reflection, I place Eggs gently in small saucepan, run tap till hot as I can get it then fill saucepan without letting the water descend directly on to Egg shells (reduces risk of cracking). All is not lost if this occurs. Remedies can be found in the form of a dollop of vinegar, straight in – straight away.

Once Eggs and water are in situ – straight on to the fire. Start the time as soon as it boils. The perfect Egg will exit this alchemical process exactly 4 minutes later.

A couple of months ago I was reading Marco Pierre White’s manifesto “The Devil in the Kitchen”, in which he speaks about the art of cooking a fried Egg. He spoke disdainfully of the hacking approach adopted by the many, of the horrifying volume of the sizzle, of burned edges from intense heat exposure, of craters on the egg white that resulted and the hammer required to break the yolk once you are done and have finished your cigarette.

Marco’s message was clearly ‘honour humility of the Egg’, liberate the essence of this great ingredient. And so, renovations afoot time was nigh and cooking on the BBQ a necessity – I embraced the challenge of frying the glorious Egg. It takes too long to boil water on the BBQ but helpfully the pan warmed slowly, the butter melted gently and I discovered, by accident – the joys of the perfectly Fried Egg.

Tip from me, go the double burner if you have one – as my metamorphosed kitchen ultimately revealed. Heat the pan slowly, cook the Egg slower. Melt a dollop of unsalted butter into which you crack the honourable egg and douse with a generous sprinkling of tarragon. You will think you have died and gone to Hollandaise Heaven without any whisking required!

Delicious. Beautiful. Bliss. Could eat Eggs all day …

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