“Peace Train” and perfecting the “Walk of Shame” …

We’ve all been there … even if we don’t like to talk about it. It is the most difficult thing in the transformative journey that is the counselling process to find the hiding places, in our mind, where we store, covet and protect – those parts of ourselves about which – we are ashamed. It is mostly impossible for us to locate a memory – of shame. But finding our ‘shamed’ self and exposing our wounds to the light of consciousness – is needed to liberate the Self from that swampy graveyard of shamed memories and experienced.

So I thought Cat Stevens, old school – might help us brace the wintry draught of of – shame. So, here is “Peace Train” also because … I likes it!

Now to ‘the shame’ …

Shame is like carbon monoxide for the Authentic Life. Silent. Deadly. Let me cut to the chase and plant some seeds for those committed to transformation.

We are held in a place of shame because there is an ‘other’ inside our psyche, hiding in the unconscious, watching us like a predator. This ‘other’ may have once looked like a parent unable to love us because they could not see themselves, let alone our selves. They may sound like constant criticism so intense it morphs in to abuse.

We remember this, it was recorded in our psyche and is looping like a sound track on repeat. The gaze of this ‘other’ defines the Self we believe we are – the one that misses out, is not enough, does not deserve – but this is not who we truly are. It is not … authentic!

A bit too deep eh? Come back up for air! So we’ve all been less than our best here and there, but before these memories get confined to the annals of perpetual cringing and torture, the chamber in our unconscious where humiliation collects like unwanted hair in the shower drain, here is Grace to save us all – from ourselves.

She has some Hot Tips and Fun Facts about how to do the “Walk of Shame” with swagger!

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