Sea Bathing Machine eh?

I am not, in this life – a Designer and yet I dig design bods of all descriptions. Perhaps my mysteriously other half, the shadow self I as yet known not is for sooth an ‘inventor’? In an interesting incident of synchronicity, I have found some who have recently successfully crowd funded their Campaign to build a Sea Bathing Machine! Click on link for original post.

Beware the power of ‘The Dream’ and Quantum Entanglement. You think your mind and thoughts are your own, but are they? I have been searching for a way to get ‘heat’ back in to the body and a sauna set up seemed the best way to go but I couldn’t find a sauna set up, I liked. Then … just as I was about to ‘give up’, a Twitter Bod tweeted me Haeckels Project and I felt the peace that comes only with connection. If you can dream it, you can live it! There is a slight time delay …

“Why would they do such a thing?” I hear you ask, and well may you ask. I shall attempt to explict and penetrate the perception of the body as a machine mired in the forge of Medical Science. It may be that it is just cold in Melbourne – like still. Yes the icy sleet of winter lingers longer than we would all like. It is times such as this things start to get stiff and ache – like joints, lower back, maybe shoulders. Chills are a sign of trouble, cold has sneaked in to the body. Putting the heat back where it should be – is needed or trouble will persist … and spread.

Water, Natural Springs, the Ocean, Salt and Heat are healing treatments known to our ancestors and traditional medicine across cultures but largely forgotten in our modern world. We’ve all heard of ‘Healing Springs’ and their mysterious properties. The science behind the healing powers of water and Natural Springs, is disputed at best and discredited at worse but still … if you have aches in the body – ‘cold’ got in somewhere.

There is much more to say on the Energetics or Patterns of Disease and Master Herbalist Matthew Wood summarizes the principles of Traditional Medicine saying …

“Aristotle broke the natural world up into four basic qualities, hot, cold, damp, and dry. These were used in Greek medicine to define the basic patterns of imbalance and the properties of plants. Thus, by hot to cold, or damp to dry, the Greeks envisioned the treatment of disease. For instance, cayenne is warming and stimulating, increasing the circulation of the blood when it is tending to coagulate and the action of the heart to push it. Lavender is cooling, and thus stops a headache from a surfeit of blood and heat to the head – the blood carries the heat, and both are in excess. Marshmallow, which is moist, is used for dry coughs and mucous membranes. Astringents such as blackberry leaf are drying; they are used for stopping the discharge of fluids, as in diarrhea.

Galen acknowledged only the four qualities of Aristotle, but for the sake of completion, and better clinical work, we need also to include the two basic conditions described by his opponents, the methodist physicians: too much tension (status strictus) or too much relaxation (status laxus). The four qualities represent fixed, oppositional imbalances, while the two states represent dynamic imbalances due to change or exhaustion. Putting them altogether we have a system of six types, which corresponds to the system of six “tissue states” introduced by the physiomedicalists, or botanical physicians (the descendants of Samuel Thomson) in the early twentieth century. Putting these two systems together we have the following six conditions of imbalance …”

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I have re-blogged here, for your enjoyment, curiosity and information – Haeckles Crowd Funding Pitch – the project was successfully funded on September 13, 2014. I would like Melbourne, somewhere to magically manifest a Sea Bathing Machine! I’d be down there in a flash!

Thanks Haeckels of Margate for your Inspiration, Creativity and Entanglement!

Take a sauna in a Traditional Sea Bathing Machine and use the

ocean as your plunge pool!

  • We are Haeckels; a body care and perfumery brand.
  • Margate, a historic seaside town in the south east of England is famous for tourism and amusements, it was also famous for the natural health benefits of the sea, the chalk reef and the surrounding coastline, which at present isn’t supported.
  • Haeckels aims to bring back a traditional Victorian sea bathing machine, with a state of the art sauna inside.
  • The sauna will be run by local people for the benefit of the community and will revive a part of the heritage of the town that has been lost.
  • Sea bathing in Margate was widely known about along with the health benefits of the sea. Bathing machines were all along the coast to protect modesty when bathing whilst enjoying the local waters.

    They are described in 1805 as being:

    “four-wheeled carriages, covered with canvas, and having at one end of them an umbrella of the same materials which is let down to the surface of the water, … machine by a few steps is concealed from the public view, whereby the most refined female is enabled to enjoy the advantages of the sea with the strictest delicacy.”

  • The knowledge of the health benefits of the Margate coast and seawater has been lost and forgotten about since its Victorian hay day; by reminding the town of its rich health based heritage we think that we will encourage regeneration and give a spark to the community that could to bringing the town back to a mecca of natural health.
  • Being run by members of the community is important to us as it means that the profits will go back into the local economy which could mean that by creating the sea bathing machine the locals will have more employment, prospects and an improved outlook on where they live.
  • We have already commissioned a local architect who has made detailed designs of the machine incorporating the ‘modesty hood’ which was actually designed in margate by Benjamin Beale. A local carpenter has also been found who knows how to go ahead with achieving the designs we have made in line with the traditional sea bathing machines that were once in Margate.

    By discussing our ideas with the local council and have their support for the sea bathing machine to return to the Margate Coast.
  • We will be cladding the machine in pieces of wood which are each etched with the name of one of our kickstarter backers; the tradition of carving names on the cliffs at margate reflected in our design.
  • Once the machine is built by our craftsmen we will stock it with our range of natural sauna treatments which will compliment the water that surrounds the machine and invigorate and energise the occupants.
  • When the machine has been finished we can then start finding members of the local community that we can train about the health benefits of the sea and the sauna itself. We will then be able to open the sauna for the first time to the kickstarter backers before opening it up to the local community and wider world!
  • On completing funding we can go ahead with construction of our design and refining the details within the sauna itself in the next 6 months.
  • We will be working closely with the local council to arrange housing for the sea bathing machine along the coastline as well as promoting and advertising our project in the local community which will hopefully start off building up an improved vision and feeling of the local area. This can be started at the same time as constructing the machine.
  • The sauna should be ready to open in early July 2015 exclusively for our kickstarter backers before then opening to the local community and world.

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