Ferris Wheels & 2014 Liebster Nomination Progress

I have laboured over this, you can be sure! In fact fretting about making a Nomination for this Award has reminded me of my 10 year old self at Side Show Alley at the EKKA (Annual Produce Exhibition hosting by Brisbane City, Queensland 1985) trying to choose a glorious prize. Am overwhelmed with the pressure! In spite of this, there has been some progress. I have a list of QUESTIONS, see below …

First things first … here is a link to my LIEBSTER AWARD 2014 NOMINATION made by Nino Almendra who writes a fun blog called icookonboard.com and also my less than suave acceptance. So this will catch you up … I’ve had three months to think and think.

Am paralyzed with the responsibility! Certain am letting the side down! And feel much like my 10 year old Self!

Let me explict you. My parents were of the frugal disposition and largely suspicious of any experience that did not impart some kind of pain or joy reduction – at times. Among themselves and folk they trusted, there were laughs a plenty – let me tell you, but if it looked too sparkly, involved shiny bright lights and promises of wealth – they were immediately on the back foot. Such was their attitude to the Annual Royal Show in Brisbane affectionately known by the locals as the “EKKA”.

Each year the Exhibition Holiday rolled around and we all gleefully anticipated lugging home a hoard of show bags, things that wizzed, twirled and sparked – then were forgotten and binned. Unaware of the throw away culture we were embracing – it seemed to my 10 year old mind that the EKKA was a kind of paradise, my parents denied me.

Luck landed in my lap the year I turned 10 and there was a new member in our class, whose name is … let us call her “Daisy”. This young lady and her Mother offered to take my deprived Self to the EKKA, more importantly to the thrills of ‘Side Show Alley’ where there were rides a plenty, sugar, deep fried things, sparkly lights galore and lots of opportunities for me to get ‘kidnapped’ in the crowds of people who flocked there.

There was Fairy Floss, which the parents of course prohibited – something to do with sugar which to 10 years olds is the definition of ‘fun’. There were Strawberry Sundaes and of course, there was Dagwood Dogs!

Let us temporarily suspend the fear of exactly what calibre of cartilage goes in to making up a Dagwood Dog. There is batter and it is fried. As we know, everything evolves when battered and fried. The golden glint hides a multitude of sins.

My parents were unconvinced by these pleas however this particular year, I was permitted to go to the EKKA. I had of course gone before with my parents and siblings but it was an economical affair. The delights of Side Show Alley were limited to one paltry ride on the Ferris Wheel.

I imagine my parents suspected it would be very difficult for the Kidnappers to take the children if they were locked securely in a cage already. Once this delight was dispensed with, we were hurriedly removed from the risks of winning a Goldfish or vomitting after being on the Gravitron. Marched efficiently to the Show Bag Pavilion and permitted to experience the joy of ONE SHOW BAG and get this ‘WITHOUT ANY LOLLIES’! At this point the executive decision of – sufficient fun had been experienced was taken …

We were whisked on to more sober tasks like watching the Blokes Chop wood or watching the Livestock Parade. The Wood Chop, retrospectively, is wasted on a younger audience. Mum also liked to see the cakes. Magnificient creations they were too. No one ever did explain to me how the Judges were able to surgically removed the miniature slice needed to assess the prowess of the mos recent contenders for the Jewel in the Country Women’s Association’s Crown for that year – Best Cake. My Grandma had taken out this honour in the murky annals of past glories … I am digressing.

I was permitted, in the company of my new friend and her mum, to experience more than the sensible restrained thrill of the Ferris Wheel and so – I did. I went through the Ghost Train, I attempted to win something in the Coconut Shy, vomitted on the Gravitron and thought better of this later. I did. I won – a prize from the Third Shelf. Just quietly, we think probably everyone won a prize from the Third Self.

In Truth, the Third Shelf was probably the Rejects from the Reject Shop but to me I may as well have been in Aladdin’s Cave. I could not decide on my prize as I looked at all the options. I stared and stared at the treasure. I was paralyzed by my windfall. I bored my new friend and tested the patience of her generous Mother as I tried to make the ‘right’ decision. I sensibly decided on a Travel Alarm Clock, that you could … wind up, you know powered by springs. The Olden Days …

This is a long winded way of fessing up to my dilemma in finding some good looking Blogs to Nominate for the Liebster Award 2014. I mean I watch a couple of Blogs, I do – but those I admire, in the Blog-o-Sphere as in Life, are better than myself and may have more than 500 Followers thereby prohibiting them as per Liebster Award Nomination Protocols from being proposed.

Trouble! Am Stuck Friends! Need to go on a Liebster Hunt!

I do … however have a list of Questions. So this is progress …

  1. How and why did you begin blogging?
  2. Who or what has influenced your development as a person?
  3. What is it about the experience of being ‘Human’, do you delight in?
  4. What is it about the experience of being ‘Human’, do you especially struggle with?
  5. Can you describe the closest encounter you have had with ‘Death’?
  6. Can you describe the impact this had on the way you see yourself, your life and your relationships with others?
  7. Who do you most admire and why?
  8. Who do you least admire and why?
  9. What does a ‘bad hair’ Day look like for you?
  10. What is the most significant problem we face today in the world, as a Global Village-Community?
  11. What is your most preferred and desired holiday destination and why?
  12. What is your favorite curse word?
  13. What sound or noise do you love? And why?
  14. If you were not already doing what you are doing, what would you like to be doing as a vocation, job or profession?
  15. When you work on earth is done, how would you like to be remembered?

Well what is begun is half done, but I sincerely wish this was finished as obligation is atrophying in to paralysis!

I am now on the Liebster Blog hunt. I could use some help, feel free to post suggestions and help me find some Bloggers out there, as yet undiscovered, quietly, slowly and tenaciously supporting the Authentic Life.

Peace Out.

2 thoughts on “Ferris Wheels & 2014 Liebster Nomination Progress

  1. We must be related ..you described perfectly my parents’ attitude – and therefore my memories of the Melbourne Show

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