Food Truck Fridays have arrived!

Food Truck Fridays

I am a bit behind the eight ball as news of this Cultural Extravaganza has only just reached mine ears. I can share what I have gleaned from the ‘street’ … so there are Food Trucks, they gather on Fridays in Tecoma, suburban home of the peaceful but stubborn in manner of Eureka Stockade Freedom Fighters!

I know there have been two Food Truck Fridays already! I am not sure how this works but have just found a site – Crumbs!

I know there were two Food Trucks involved – and they gathered close to a certain unwanted retail food outlet – at 1571 Burwood Hwy Tecoma. I have some intel on one of the Trucks, while the other remains – a Mexican Food mystery. I am predicting this is really all anyone needs to know.


Digging for Fire BBQ Kitchen is the vision and dream of Yarra Valley Chef Dave Walsh. Dave’s Truck is exactly what it sounds like – a mobile fabulous BBQ. Yum!

The man behind the Truck and the Catering is a Chef who values low food miles, high quality produce, the delights of food, the passion of the dream and the joy of life. Dave is an internationally experienced Chef who draws inspiration from his life and his travels including the sights, sounds and smells found on the beaches of Sri Lanka, the villages of Pakistan and lets not overlook the streets of Italy. The privilege of being Australian – we belong to no one, so we can embrace – everyone!

He wants to share all this with you guys and create community at the same time. Wizard! He has rolled all these elements in to a force for catering where modern street food meets a kind of culinary transformation, magic that borders on social activism. He is doing it! You can be part of it! Get along to Food Truck Fridays!


Truck is called IV’s Burritos. Good! They have a site of the same name. Well – let’s break it down. They are all over Urban Spoon, Time Out and Facebook. They can do Gluten Free and are Vegan Friendly. Big Plus! Who doesn’t love Mexican Food? Enough said.

I lifted this from their site …

“If you haven’t heard about the food trucks roaming Melbourne’s north, you’re either a southsider or you’ve been living under a rock. Other cities are excused, but not for long… The trucks are coming!

We love their business model of going to a new location each night, and getting the word out on Twitter & Facebook. Evidently, so do a bunch of followers, and more importantly, happy customers.

But we wanted to make it even easier for you to get your truck-food fix. So we’ll be updating the site every day with the latest location. If a truck’s not on one night, we’ll leave them off. It’s as simple as that.

Check back late in the morning for lunch locations or late in the afternoon for dinner spots, and see how close it is to work or home. Pretty simple, right?”

Check out their site for MORE INFO!

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