You say Rossini …

You say Rossini, I say Strawberry Bellini!”

So … here we go, Christmas coming up before you know – I cannot say that I have the bullet proof formula for peace on earth and good will to everyone when family is involved – I can say, just quietly, everyone is challenged by family meeting over Christmas.

This is where a well timed array of alcoholic beverages CAN be helpful, up to a point and to that end I have a drink to recommend. I am inspired to verse – must be the wine, the visitors brought over not to shabby boutille of Moscato. Tis pink, almost red – so that qualifies as festiv-ey. Non?

Ingredients or Compounds – Si tu aimes …

    1. Bottle Pink Sparkling Moscato Wine – to be found reasonably priced at Maxi Foods – or other sweet fizzy wine
    2. 2 punnets or 500g of Good looking Strawberries
    3. Good slosh – about 1-2 Tblspns of Best Quality Strawberry Liqueur you can beg borrow or ‘borrow’ good people we are
    4, Might need to chop up the olde strawberries
    5. Wop them in blender – hit the button, lid on – securely – just so’s you know
    6. Voila!
    7. Leave stand – gets a bit syrupy – which is quite nice – in fridge, assuming your blender just does not leak


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